Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sewing the Taylor

Sewing with Taylor

I had a great time sewing the Taylor yesterday.  She wanted to spend time with me working on a Christmas present for her brother Cameron.  She did a great job sewing on the pillowcases.  She cut up two of his old Star Wars t-shirts and then we sewed them onto the pillowcases.  I am very proud of the work she did.  I know Cameron is going to be very surprised and will love them.


Update up Remodel.  Sheetrock is in and mudding is done.  Now I get to clean up all the dust.  I don't think there is one place without dust.  What a fun job this is going to be.  Going to start painting after Christmas.

View looking out my sewing room windows.

My poor pond is freezing - literally!  I think it is just a little bit cold here in Utah.  I was going to try and keep it going for the birds, not sure that is going to work.

I am off work from both jobs until 5 January 2013.  Looking forward to painting and getting a few sewing projects done.  Yipee!!!!
Until next time, Tina


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  1. Taylor's pillowcase looks wonderful. Your remodel is looking great! You will be done and enjoying it soon.