Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Here are my two little ones.  These two are grouping up so fast I know that I am missing things along the way.  Cameron (youngest nephew) started 1st grade and Taylor (only neice) started 4th grade.  Our favorite thing is to have a sleep over and have special pancakes in the morning.  Special pancakes are always a fun surprise because you never know what flavor it will be.  This last weekend we had Junior Mint pancakes.  Some of the favorites have been chocolate chips, peeps, candy cane and peppermint patty pancakes.  I am so blessed.
I love my two oldest nephews.  This is their first day back to school.  Captain America started 10th grade (Tanner) and Batman started 11th grade (Landon).  I am not sure where the time had gone.  These two are turning into very awesome men that I am very proud of.  I look forward to what the future brings for them.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am testing my new blog page.  Please be patient while I learn how to post, update, add, delete, etc.  I am sooooo not a computer person.  I am so surprised that I got this far.  LOL.  Please respond, if I have that set up, to let me know that you see this.  All your help will be greatly appreciated.