Saturday, December 1, 2012

Update on Remodel - Nov 2012

Update on House Remodel - Nov 2012

I had a feeling that during the installation of the electrical work that I would have a foot go through my ceiling - BUT I ended up with an 8 foot hole in the ceiling.  Nothing like getting easy access to the attic in order to lay new lines.
Almost all the new electrical lines are in.  The new switch box and meter should be activated on Dec 10 after inspection.

Big concern now will be weather the change out will work in the very old box and all the things still attached to the old box.  May have to move a few items to the new box so that it won't continue to be overloaded in the old box.

I have gotten all the new insulation put up on the exterior walls.  There has NEVER been insulation in my house.  It already feels so much warmer, even without the sheet rock up yet.

Next, get the plumbing going.  Start the sheet rock and finish after we get all the plumbing in.  Once I start the sheet rock, I get the schedule the floor guy to start the wood floor refinishing.
I am getting more excited as the days go by.  Hoping to be painting during the Christmas/New Year's time away from work.
Thanks for stopping by to see the update.
Until Next Time, Tina