Monday, January 14, 2013

House Remodel Update!

Well, I am back into my normal swing of life after an awesome 2 weeks off during the Christmas holiday and New Year's break.  I am most certain that when retirement gets here I will not have to worry about being board. 

I spent my time off getting walls painted and prepping for the floors to be refinished.  Here are a few before and after pictures of the wood floors.  The pictures do not do them justice.  They turned out sew beautiful.

Living room before.
Living room after!

 Bedroom before.
 Bedroom after!
Aren't they just amazing!  I am so in love with how they have turned out.  I just stand in the rooms and look at them.  I am smiling and sew looking forward to seeing how my woven wool rugs are going to look on them.
Didn't get any sewing done during my break, way too tired by the end of the day. I am hoping to get back into sewing as things are starting to get completed on the remodel. I sure do miss my creative time.
The weather here has gotten sew bitter cold. It is going to get down around -5 here tonight. Haven't seen those low temps in almost 9 years. Turned up the heat in the house to help keep the pipes from freezing.   My dryer went out this week I don't need the pipes to go also.

Thanks for stopping by and checking the update.

Until next time, Tina


  1. Oh good for you! You are actually *doing* what I have just been thinking about doing. lol. Your floors look great!
    I have my fingers crossed for you and your pipes!

  2. Tina, Your floors look wonderful. It so exciting to seeing you getting so close. Can't wait for those completed too I'll bet.

  3. The transformation is amazing, Tina! We are starting our house renovation this month and I’m so excited. I wish the outcome would turn out great, just like yours. I look forward to seeing the updates on your house remodeling.

    Alejandra Hutchcraft

  4. It was a good idea to paint your bedroom wall with cool color, Tina! This will provide a calming and soothing effect to your bedroom space, very ideal for a restful sleep. Hope to see your entire house once everything is finished.