Friday, November 9, 2012

Forward Movement

Forward Motion on Remodel!

Today I finally have forward movement on my remodel project.  Walls went up today!!!

But first - This is was the view outside my back porch this morning - SNOW!!!!!

There was at least 2 dozen Quail eating this morning.  I also had lots of Dove's and many other birds filling up on birdseed.  Later in the afternoon I had a small hawk fly through my front porch with a mouse for lunch (this happened on one of the many trips to the garbage).

My house was built in 1959.  There were 1 x 2's on the wall and no insulation.

Construction has begun!!!!  New 2x4's are going up.  So excited to be moving forward.  Next, bathroom plumbing to be redone and the bathroom floor.  I am also replacing all the old electrical lines.
Until Next Time, Tina


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  1. Cute quail! How exciting to see the progress on your remodel. Your house is going to be so much warmer!